VIP-Bistro-Liner - Van Hool


  • Cassis red / dark, branding, tinted side windows
  • Glass roof on the upper deck
  • 52 leather chairs on the upper deck which are 90 cm apart, can be adjusted at the side, angle adjustable, all seats have folding table or shelf, foot rests and leather newspaper nets
  • Of these, 16 seats at the rear are in 2+1 "Royal Air" layout
  • Large catering kitchen including espresso machine and coffee percolator, microwave, oven and cooker, 4 fridges, complete crockery equipment, dishwasher, draught beer system
  • Toilet / wash room
  • Starry headlining and ambient lighting in the bistro area
  • Aroma system
  • WiFi connection to the multimedia system OmdisNet for daily newspapers, magazines, films, music, news and your own presentations (optional)
  • DVD player, iPod connection
  • 11 flat screens on the upper deck, 3 on the lower deck
  • Navigation and front camera – image can be transferred to the onboard monitors
  • WiFi including LTE high-speed access, 220V sockets
  • VGA and cinch connections at all tables on the lower deck
  • Wireless microphone, power supply even with the vehicle at a standstill, fire alarm systems
  • The cockpit can be separated from the bistro area by a door!

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