VIP-Bistro-Liner - Setra


  • Cassis red / dark, branding, tinted side windows
  • Glass roof on the upper deck
  • 52 leather chairs on the upper deck and a group of seats for 4 with table
  • 16 leather seats at 4 tables on the lower deck
  • Large catering kitchen including espresso machine and coffee percolator, microwave, oven and cooker, 4 fridges, complete crockery equipment, dishwasher, draught beer system
  • Toilet / wash room
  • Starry headlining and ambient lighting in the bistro area
  • Aroma system
  • WiFi connection to the multimedia system OmdisNet for daily newspapers, magazines, films, music, news and your own presentations (optional)
  • DVD player, iPod connection
  • 11 flat screens on the upper deck, 3 on the lower deck
  • Navigation and front camera – image can be transferred to the onboard monitors
  • WiFi including LTE high-speed access, 220V sockets
  • VGA and cinch connections at all tables on the lower deck
  • Wireless microphone, power supply even with the vehicle at a standstill, fire alarm systems
  • The cockpit can be separated from the bistro area by a door!

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